How to Use Corporate Hospitality to Reward Staff

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Corporate Hospitality
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Most people assume that corporate hospitality is either a tool for strengthening relationships with existing clients or one to entice new clients to do business with. However, many business owners nowadays see the potential of using corporate hospitality as a way to reward loyal staff, ensuring that they ultimately get more from their happy employees.

Here at DTB, we have helped many clients arrange fantastic corporate hospitality events and team days for their staff. As well as packages to many of the top sporting and music events around the country, we also provide packages for London Fashion Week, Taste Festivals, London Bierfest, film premieres, charity dinners - even the BRIT Awards.

Many of our clients take advantage of the fact that we also provide superb corporate cricket days, golf days, and even ski breaks, where their team can bond while having fun.

Benefits of Corporate Hospitality for Staff

There are many benefits to using corporate hospitality events for staff, and clever business owners are already making the most of it. Below are a few examples:

  • Corporate hospitality improves staff morale and helps to develop leadership skills. When staff feel appreciated by their employers, they are more likely to work harder to get the rewards.
  • Many business owners find that happy staff are more productive staff and, by rewarding staff with teambuilding days and corporate events, they will be happier.
  • Staff turnover is lower among companies where employees feel appreciated. Happy staff are less likely to leave, meaning that companies can save money on training new staff. Experienced staff are essential to the growth and development of companies.

Arranging Events

If you want to include corporate hospitality events for your staff in your company budget, let DTB take care of the arrangements for you.

As soon as you get in touch with us, we will allocate an account manager to you and he or she will be responsible for taking care of arranging events based on your requirements. As well as the many fabulous packages already available, we can offer a bespoke event planning service tailored to your needs and budget.

We have more than thirteen years’ experience arranging superb events for clients around the country, and in that time we have built a strong network of connections both at home and abroad. Let us take away the stress and take care of your corporate hospitality budget.

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