Cricket Hospitality packages are available from DTB for all 3 types of cricket played in the UK
International Cricket in the UK is played in 3 different formats:

Test Cricket

Test matches are the original and oldest form of International cricket with the first officially recognised match being played in 1877. A format which is ideal for cricketing purists and connoisseurs of the game, Test cricket is a very tactical form of the game which is typified by aggressive field placements and occasionally hostile passages of play.

It is considered by the majority of professional players to be the pinnacle of the sport and the truest test of a cricketer’s skill and technique. Test matches are scheduled to take place over up to 5 consecutive days, in which time there are 2 innings from both teams with the highest scoring side winning the match. Fixtures undecided after 5 days are declared a draw.

Test cricket is also the only form of International cricket played in white attire with the red ball. The Ashes is contested between England and Australia and is considered the most popular and prestigious series in test cricket.

ODI Cricket

One Day International cricket is the original form of limited overs cricket. Developed in the 1970’s, the new format was created ensuring spectators could see both sides batting and fielding in a match reaching a conclusion in one day. Both sides have a maximum of 50 overs to score as many runs as possible in an innings with various bowling and fielding restrictions.

One Day Internationals revolutionised cricket with the introduction of coloured uniforms, the white ball and matches played under floodlights. The creation of the Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy added importance to this particular format and have boosted its popularity around the World.

T20 Cricket

Twenty20 cricket is the newest and shortest form of cricket. It is similar to ODI cricket in structure with the white ball and coloured clothing, although each side only has a maximum of 20 overs to score as many runs as possible. Matches usually last around 3 hours, bringing the game closer to the duration of other popular team sports.

With the increased big hitting, risk taking and carnival atmosphere not to mention the lucrative money involved with this particular format of the game, T20 cricket is fast becoming the most popular form of the game and has been described as more athletic and explosive than ODI or Test cricket. The spectacle is also usually supplemented with pyrotechnics, music and dancers.

Cricket Hospitality and Tickets

Entertaining at the cricket presents several different opportunities and there are a range of options for tickets and hospitality. You can spend the best part of a full day at a test match or ODI providing ample opportunity to have discussions with clients without missing the game, or if you are looking for a shorter higher paced spectacle, the T20 matches are exciting for the less traditional cricket enthusiast.

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