Nearly all DTB events are subject to change according to unforeseen circumstances, we may have no control over regarding changes by promoters and venues. However, significant changes and interruptions are rare. In the event changes are necessary, customers are offered whatever accommodations are available.

As a general rule, we can accommodate guest parties of virtually any size for most of our events. When limits do exist, they are due to venue restrictions rather than the events themselves. For example, a luxury box at an arena or stadium only has limited seating capacity. We would have to limit parties accordingly. Please note that there are cases in which we can accommodate larger parties by booking multiple packages. Using the luxury box example again, we could reserve two boxes at your venue of choice to ensure we can accommodate a larger party.

We are able to arrange corporate hospitality events throughout the calendar year. In terms of how hard it is to arrange events at some times as compared to others, there is no particular season that is especially difficult. But there are two particular times of the year when the schedule tends to be exceptionally full: Christmas and summer holiday season.

Yes, we can help your company put on a conference for your clients, your workers, industry partners, or just a general audience. We have access to an extensive list of meeting spaces, hospitality venues, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options. 

Subject to our Terms and Conditions, your booking can be altered. We will always do our best to make the changes you request but they can often be subject to availability.

Yes we can hold packages on a short term basis subject to availability.

If you are simply looking for 'tickets only' and do not require a VIP hospitality package, then we may be able to assist you.

Absolutely, yes. We are specialists in bespoke events, offering everything from seasonal parties to team building. We can build your day around your goals and include an end-to-end service from transportation, to meeting rooms, entertainment and dining. We love learning about what you want to get out of your experience and put our decades of knowledge and connections to help achieve a unique event.

With the exception of the bespoke events that we create ourselves, most of the events DTB offers come directly from venues and event promoters. We work as brokers to sell tickets and make the necessary arrangements on behalf of our clients. As such, we are unable to guarantee refunds for any cancellations. Refund policies are entirely up to venues and event promoters. We advise our clients to read the terms and conditions of any event before tickets are purchased.

DTB is happy to work with clients to design great hospitality events regardless of budgetary constraints. Obviously, you can tell by browsing our website that we offer quite a few high-priced events designed to take full advantage of our annual social calendar. But we also offer plenty of options that are considerably more budget-friendly.
Please bear in mind that DTB can also create custom hospitality packages centred around just about anything you want. If you have an idea in mind, we will do whatever we can to make it happen.

We can source official packages for a variety of international events in both sports and music & arts. Call +44 (0)20 7385 3553 for further details. We are proud to work with an extensive list of domestic and international venues to bring our clients the finest corporate hospitality events. Our long list of venue partners covers all of the UK as well as selected venues in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

There are two ways to stay informed about the upcoming events from DTB. First, you can sign up to receive our monthly e-mail newsletter. This newsletter not only highlights corporate hospitality events on the immediate horizon but it also offers other helpful information our clients are interested in.  The second way to stay informed is to simply check our website; it is frequently updated for your benefit. We now offer an interactive calendar that makes it possible for you to search specific dates with the click of a mouse. Just click on the 'Calendar' link at the top of the homepage.

We have spent over 20 years cultivating working relationships with all the best venues and event promoters in the world. Those connections, combined with an ongoing effort to scour event calendars, gives us an early advantage on identifying the kinds of events our customers want. Then we get in on the ground floor. It's all about working hard to keep our customers happy.

The DTB business model establishes account managers who assist our clients in arranging for corporate hospitality events.  Having a dedicated account manager you will receive expert advice who specialise in a range of events, and have built relationships with the venues and suppliers to offer you the best price and experience. They deliver the full end-to-end service which takes all the hassle and organising out of event planning.

DTB guarantees that our ticket prices will be the same as those offered directly by the venue itself. We get the best prices because we work directly with the venues, utilising their facilities at their prices.

We generally send out packages 1-3 days prior to the event. However some events and venues don't release tickets until a few days prior, but our logistics and operations team will ensure you get your tickets on time!  In some cases the actual tickets will be distributed at the events due to value and problems with security.

Unofficial agents are often cheaper because they are unofficial. They are not affiliated to the venues or officially appointed by the sports governing bodies and will often obtain tickets illegally. Their facilities are normally off-site, if indeed they exist at all, while they will often add a service charge not mentioned at the time of booking.