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Harry Francis


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All businesses seek to engage with customers or clients, and there are various ways to achieve this objective. In many cases, companies focus on facilitating online engagement but the benefits of offline engagements should not be overlooked.

Engaging with clients or customers involves increasing interaction between your organisation and your target market. By enhancing the customer’s experience or improving the client’s perception, brands can foster loyalty and, ultimately, build a long-lasting business relationship with their targets.

Using Corporate Events To Increase Engagement

Corporate events should be integral in your company’s calendar. As well as using in-house events to network with clients and customers, businesses can benefit from hosting guests at well-known sporting and musical events.

These days, everyone is perpetually busy and it’s rare for businessmen and women to have any spare time. By tying your business networking to high-profile events, you can increase the number of attendees and, therefore, the rate of consumer/client engagement.

With tickets for notable sporting events hard to come by, few people will pass up the opportunity to see world-renowned artists from a company’s box, see players slog it out on Centre Court or hear the roar of the F1 engines at Silverstone.

What’s more – the continual offering of big-name events throughout the year means your company can host numerous corporate events and handpick your attendees. If you’re keen to get certain clients together in order to build future ventures, why not arrange for them to join you in a private box at Wimbledon or at the prestigious Grand Prix Ball?

Building Profits Through Engagement

Without effective engagement, companies are doomed to failure. Customers will simply not buy from companies they’re not engaged with and clients will opt for brands they’re closer to, rather than companies they have a limited rapport with.

While the effects of corporate or sports hospitality can sometimes be hard to quantify, they should not be underestimated. As well as exposing your brand to millions of spectators via sponsorship arrangements, corporate events enable you to engage with numerous customers at once or selected clients in a more intimate business environment.

With great deals to be had, hospitality packages can be a cost-effective way to foster customer and client engagement. Despite strict guidelines governing the use of marketing activities, businesses are getting more out of corporate hospitality than ever before. Clients and customers understand the need for hospitality events to have a business-orientated focus, so they are prepared for corporate engagement when they attend.

Although sports and music hospitality packages provide a great day out for attendees, they also facilitate and encourage engagement between hospitality guests. If you want to increase engagement and reap the subsequent rewards, why not arrange your own corporate event today?

Hospitality tickets to high-profile events, such as the Autumn Rugby Internationals, Formula 1 and Premier League football matches, ensure high rates of attendance, while bespoke events and sponsorship deals can increase your reach even further. To find out more, contact DTB today.

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