Hospitality For A Tournament With History

Picture of the Queens Club Roof Terrace

Taking your guests to the Aegon Championships at the Queens Club in West Kensington is a wonderful day out. As well as seeing world-class tennis players taking part in the matches, you and your guests can enjoy the hospitality the Queens Club provides. There is history behind the tournament, which started back in 1884. There is no shortage of tennis tournaments throughout the year, but any played at the Queens Club are played on perfectly maintained lawns, as is wimble. Tennis played on grass is only a small percentage of the tournaments, most of them being on clay or other hard surfaces.

The tournament moved to the Queens Club in 1890 and at that time both men and women took part. The 1973 tournament was the last one women played in, but at the same time as the Aegon Championships is being played, the ladies have the own tournament.

If you are a tennis fan being able to see any of the greats in a live match is wonderful, but at the Queens Club it is made more special by knowing you are watching in the first ever purpose built sports centre in the world. Apart from Wimbledon, there are very few tournaments that started so long ago and are still thriving.

The Aegon Championships 2018

The 2018 Aegon Championships promises to be a very exciting tournament. Andy Murray is hoping to be well enough to play after his hip surgery, and it would be really good to help him back to full fitness ready for Wimbledon, which starts just one week after this tournament finishes. If Andy is well enough, will he be able to extend his record to 6 wins at the Queens Club?

For many of the players it will be their first grass tournament of the year, although most of them will have taken part in competitions such as the French Open, the Madrid Open and the Italian Open, just three of the events played earlier in the year.

Hospitality At The Queens Club

At DTB Sports and Events we can organise hospitality for any sporting event you want. We can help with hospitality for concerts, art shows, specials events and we can even tailor a bespoke day for you and your guests, but there is really something special about a day out at the Queens Club in London.

The tennis players have been known to describe the courts as the best in the world, and wherever you are seated you are never too far away to get a super view of the game. At a lower price than Wimbledon, the Aegon Championships can be the perfect way to entertain your clients, your staff, or whoever else you want to show that they matter. There are several different hospitality packages available for the 2018 tournament, which runs from the 18th to the 24th June. If you want to see the top players in the tennis world in action at the Queens Club, give us a call on 020 7385 3553.

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