3 Things that Make for Great Hospitality Venues

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


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Great Hospitality Venues

There is a fundamental truth relating to venues that those of us in the hospitality industry know: some venues are better suited to corporate hospitality than others. That said, companies like DTB have no control over how venues do business. Our job is to offer clients hospitality events based on what venues and event promoters offer.

Knowing what we know about venues, we thought it might be educational to explain what makes for a great hospitality venue. We have listed three things below. Each of these things applies regardless of the kind of event being offered.

A Great Hospitality Venues Has:

1. Maximum Event Exposure

Great hospitality venues in the UK offer guests maximum event exposure. Just think about the hospitality space at Wimbledon or your favourite football stadium. Organisations paying for hospitality packages want their guests to be able to clearly see the event and, where applicable, interact with it.

If an event includes opportunities for corporate mingling, the venue should provide appropriate space that offers maximum exposure to everyone who chooses to attend. That means plenty of space to move around, sit down, and find a quiet area to talk.

2. Exceptional Accessibility

Accessibility is now the law in the UK and most other developed countries. However, there's a difference between adequate accessibility and exceptional accessibility. The greatest venues go out of their way to make accessibility as accommodating and as easy as possible. They offer multiple wheelchair ramps, automatic doors, plenty of accessibility seating, and so on.

Great hospitality venues with maximised accessibility is one that has a lot of fans within the disabled community.

3. Access to Transport

In some countries, like the US and Canada, nearly everyone owns a car and goes everywhere in it. That's not the case on this side of the Pond. Therefore, a great hospitality venue is one that offers guests easy access to transport options including buses and trains.

Parking is also becoming a growing concern in the UK for those people that do travel in their own cars. The last thing a venue needs is a lack of transport options.

We are fortunate to have many excellent venues here in the UK. From sports and music to bespoke events, our venues do an excellent job of providing quality experiences for guests. DTB is proud to work with the best, both here and around the world.

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