About Us


DTB Sports Hospitality and Event Management (DTB) provide high quality entertaining options including tickets and corporate hospitality to popular events in the UK and abroad.

DTB is a creative, innovative and dynamic company driven by a passion to provide an unsurpassed level of service in the entertainment industry.

Whether you are an individual looking to access a sold out event for a special occasion or look after a corporate budget and book multiple events, our team is on hand to provide first class expertise and strategic advice, tailored to your requirements, enabling you to book high quality events and ensure excellent value for money.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • DTB selects and promotes its people on the basis of their qualifications and merit, without discrimination or concern for race, religion, national origin, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or disability.
  • We believe that a workplace should be safe and civilised; we will not tolerate sexual harassment, discrimination or offensive behaviour of any kind, which includes the persistent demeaning of individuals through words or actions, the display or distribution of offensive material, or the use or possession of weapons on DTB or client premises.
  • We will not tolerate the use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs, or our people reporting for work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • We are committed to protecting consumer, client and employee data in accordance with national laws and industry codes.
  • We will not knowingly create work which contains statements, suggestions or images offensive to general public decency and will give appropriate consideration to the impact of our work on minority segments of the population, whether that minority be by race, religion, national origin, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or disability.
  • We will not offer any items of personal inducement to secure business. This is not intended to prohibit appropriate entertainment or the making of occasional gifts of minor value unless the client has a policy which restricts this.
  • We will not undertake work which is intended or designed to mislead, including in relation to social, environmental and human rights issues.