Hosting clients at sporting events is a very fashionable and successful way to entertain. 

Tickets at sports events are usually hard to get hold of and are therefore considered a popular commodity. Corporate hospitality at these sporting events allows both companies and individuals to secure VIP tickets in the best locations, as well as enabling valuable face time with guests during a reception or pre-match dining occasion. The relatively expensive nature of entertaining at sporting events can often allow a company to illustrate the value of the client that they are hosting as well as the positives associated with attending the event itself.

DTB has a comprehensive selection of sporting events. Some of the most prominent and exclusive events include international rugby, tennis at Wimbledon and Formula 1 around the globe. There are also traditional favourites like Royal Ascot, cricket at Lords, and more affordable options, such as the Henley Royal Regatta, Polo or Premier League football fixtures.

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