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Corporate Hospitality


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One of the most important factors in planning a successful hospitality event is choosing the right type of event, Are you looking at doing something traditional like Royal Ascot, you may want an affordable option for a larger group such as a private box at a concert or a very exclusive option such as Centre Court debentures at Wimbledon to really illustrate the importance of that relationship. Whether your demographic is more suited to a family favourite such as the Harry Potter studio tour or something more international like one of the overseas Grand Prix you can use the events section as a source of inspiration.

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There are several considerations that you will want to make when planning such as your available budget, the time of year, who you are entertaining and what they might like as well as whether you are looking at an event to allow face time with a guest or something a little more distracting.

Picking the right event will guarantee that you achieve value for your expenditure by ensuring that it is a success and lives long in the memory.

DTB are able to provide a comprehensive range of unique and exclusive sporting, musical and cultural events to suit your entertaining requirements. So whether you are a private individual looking for something personally or controlling a corporate budget DTB has a VIP ticket and hospitality option to suit you.

Contact DTB for more information about Corporate Hospitality.

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