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You, Bros and DTB, London Events Management Specialists

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


London events management at the O2

For anyone who revelled in the boyband era of the late 1980’s, the 2017 reunion of brothers Luke and Matt Goss, otherwise known as Bros (formerly with Craig Logan,) is a welcome opportunity to relive hits like their debut “I owe you nothing” and the huge success, “When will I be famous?”

Since their reunion launch hosted by Emma Willis in October 2016, you might have dug out your old posters, remembered seeing them as an overexcited teen and been unashamedly keen to enjoy some Bros magic, matured and honed.

Perhaps you’ve met with fellow Bros fans or want to enjoy a corporate entertaining experience with directors, suppliers, clients or staff and a Bros concert is the ideal setting; fun, fabulous and luxurious. You aren’t alone. Special hospitality events like these don’t present themselves every day.

Bros expected to tour throughout the UK in summer 2017 after a break of 24 years. They’ve promised an “outrageously enjoyable” event.

Events Management Knowledge

London events management firms have learned that “unforeseen logistical circumstances” have led to Bros cancelling all dates except those in London and Manchester. Two shows at London's O2 Arena and a 22nd August show at Manchester Arena will proceed.

This means there are less opportunities to see their reunion tour so don’t wait, get your tickets before they vanish. Moreover, don’t settle for a standard ticket, we can build outstanding bespoke corporate entertaining packages.

Remarkably, their farewell show at Wembley Stadium was on 19th August 1989. The first London show in 2017 marks the 28th anniversary of the concert. Unsurprisingly, demand was phenomenal and Live Nations, the promoter, claimed that the 19th August 2017 show was its fastest selling on record; it sold out in just 7 seconds.

Did you know...

  • Bros was formed in 1986 by Luke, Matt and Craig, each of them attended Collingwood School in Camberley, Surrey.
  • A reunion was expected in 2008 but although Matt was keen and said that he’d got agreement from Luke and Craig, they didn’t reform and in 2010 Matt conceded that the moment had passed.
  • Their global fan club had at least 6 million members.
  • The fan club was called Bros Front.
  • At the height of their fame Bros had over 130,000 fans beseige an album signing at HMV in Oxford Street, London. The Metropolitan Police were called in, closed off the street for six hours and this was the moment when Brosmania was said to have begun.
  • Bros was the only group to be included in every issue of Smash Hits magazine between 1988 and 1990.
  • Bros officially split in 1992 and Matt continued as a singer-songwriter whilst Luke has enjoyed an acting career. Craig Logan went in to music management and will not be joining the brothers at the reunion tour dates.
  • Matt lives in Los Angeles.

Whatever luxuries you desire as you watch Bros charm their audiences, we can handle your booking.

As an experienced events management company we know how to make hospitality events more special than you can imagine.

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