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William and Kate Embrace Royal Ascot

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Corporate Hospitality for Royal Ascot

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge climbed into their carriage in preparation for the royal procession on the second day of Royal Ascot, they had no way of knowing they were about to get soaked. As the procession made its way around the historic racecourse in Berkshire, the heavens opened up with a mighty downpour that seemed relentless. It did not dampen the enthusiasm of William and Kate, both of whom dispensed with their umbrellas and continued to smile and wave at the crowd.

This is the kind of thing that makes Royal Ascot so special. As one of the most talked about events on the annual UK social calendar, Royal Ascot is the place to be for race fans and socialites alike. It is the place to see and be seen, an event that has no rival at any level.

Five Days of Racing

Royal Ascot is an annual event that offers five days of racing that includes the finest horses in the world. It is also a national institution in England. The event dates back to a race originally established by Queen Anne in 1711, affectionately dubbed ‘Her Majesty's Plate’. We're not sure if corporate hospitality existed back then, but if it did, we would like to think that hospitality providers offered just as good an experience in the 18th century as we provide today.

Over hundreds of years, Royal Ascot has evolved into what has arguably come to be known as the most important event on the annual racing calendar. DTB is thrilled with the opportunity to be able to provide corporate hospitality packages at various price levels. Our goal is to make Royal Ascot accessible to as many of our clients as possible.

Royal Ascot, An Event You Must See

With five days of exceptional racing, plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle, and the backdrop of the historic Ascot racecourse tying it all together, Royal Ascot is an event you absolutely have to take in at least once in your lifetime. This year's Royal Ascot has come and gone, but we are already making plans for next year.

Our thanks to William and Kate for embracing Royal Ascot with their youthful vigour and sense of optimism. Their willingness to brave the rain for the benefit of thousands of assembled guests typifies what this incredible event is all about.

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