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Why Corporate Hospitality Works So Well

Rebecca Fells

Rebecca Fells


london hospitality company

Consider the following situation: you’ve decided to invest in corporate hospitality for a potential new client. Winning their business would be hugely advantageous to your company, and no expense is too large—if it would impress the new client. After deciding to hold a hospitality event that allows your client to have a unique London experience, a new conundrum emerges: does your business plan this event internally, or partner with an outside event company?

When the stakes are high, as they are in this scenario, the most prudent businesses rely on professional event companies to run their events. It may be tempting to cut costs and ask an employee to facilitate your hospitality event; however, to have the greatest ROI on your investment, you will want to ensure your event is done right.

The first major advantage that comes with an event company is, in a word, access. DTB was born in London in 2002, and we’ve cultivated a vast professional network since then. In addition, we are official partners with many of London’s most iconic venues: from Royal Ascot, to Wimbledon, to the Chelsea Flower Show. Our long-lasting relationships with London venues, combined with the fact that we interact with these venues on a day-to-day basis, puts us in a truly advantageous position. DTP can provide VIP experiences that a layman simply cannot: we can obtain tickets to exclusive events, even sold out ones. If you want your potential new client to experience London, of course, you can take them to the sites, stand in lines for a major event, and leave your client feeling like a tourist; or, you can whisk them past them lines, gain access where it shouldn’t be possible, and leave them feeling like they’ve had the insider’s experience of London.

In addition, event companies are able to truly customize your hospitality event. A layperson planning an event planning would spend most of his effort on the logistics: for instance, they’d need to devote time to researching London venues, and then more time to finding out availability. The event itself would be dictated by what happened, by pure chance, to be available when this person called. However, as a professional event company, we manage logistics effortlessly. We are then able to devote most of our time and energy to what matters more: the event itself. From experience, we know that what make an event exceptional is customization. If your new client is an avid sports fan, we have the resources and knowledge to craft a sports hospitality event to suit his tastes. This sort of attention to a client’s individual personality is what makes a client feel truly special. It isn’t about giving your client an impressive London experience; it’s about giving them the right London experience.

One thing unique about DTB, though, is that our customization doesn’t stop with the individual event. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with every one of our clients. For that reason, we assign you a dedicated account manager, who will understand your business’s unique needs. Just as we customize your hospitality event to impress your client, we customize our own services to suit you.

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