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Why Corporate Hospitality Works

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Corporate Event Specialists

A cohesive team is a key component in business success.

To take a team building opportunity regularly is a tool that assists co-operation, decision making and establishes strengths and weaknesses in a fun and engaging way.

You could haul your team in to the boardroom and tell them that they should work together wonderfully and that may work, but often the message is lost as employees gaze out the window. Think of school assembly, did you always listen to the teacher?

Doing is vital to learning, and it’s better to learn without realising it, through team building sports and activity experiences.

Look at your operation, large or small, department by department, desk by desk.

  • Is communication effective?
  • Does every member of the team appreciate the others?
  • What sense of loyalty and goal achievement do they have?
  • Do they feel that the company gives them every chance to grow?
  • Are they a team player or seeking glory for themselves?
  • Are there trust or friction issues in the team?

These are some of the questions that corporate hospitality providers like us can help you to answer and work on.

Take a DTB Sports and Events team building opportunity and make it pay huge dividends for you and the team today, in the future and wherever your employees careers may take them.

Options include:

  • Ladies days.
  • Driving days.
  • Sailing days.
  • Poker nights.


  • Cricket days.
  • Golf days.
  • Tennis days.
  • Ski breaks.

As leading corporate hospitality providers, we can build a bespoke package to suit your needs and budget. We have the experience and expertise to take your team building idea and make it in to an outstanding reality, always at a competitive rate and efficiently. Your team building opportunity is in safe hands with DTB Sports and Events team.

Tennis, rugby events, driving and cricket days pose teams against each other; clear communication and working together towards a result are elements which cannot be ignored. It is surprising how via sports experiences relationships can be improved, barriers overcome and trust garnered.

A Super Model driving day experience can inspire competitive natures and take people out of their comfort zone, with maximum benefits.

Often, someone doesn’t think that they can do something until they try it. This could be the case with members of your team. If they think they could never manage a team, show them that they can manage anything. Ask them to drive a powerful vehicle and relish every moment; simply give them the team building opportunity to astound themselves.

This translates back to the office through leadership, quick decision making, initiative, exhilaration and positivity, all from driving a Porsche 911 Carrera or Ferrari 355.

Ladies day’s out are always popular and are strong motivators.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Afternoon tea.
  • Art exhibitions.
  • A boat trip.
  • Chocolate making.
  • Cocktail making.
  • Cookery courses.
  • Ladies Day at the races.
  • Makeover and photography session.
  • Overnight stay at Stoke Park.
  • Spa pampering.
  • Wine tasting.

Energise your team and ensure that they’re the strongest asset you have.

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