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We Want You to Know: Wimbledon Prices Are Going Up

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Wimbledon Hospitality

Part of our responsibility as one of the UK's leading hospitality organisers is to keep our customers up to date on industry happenings. In that regard, we want you to know that Wimbledon prices for debentures will be going up. Those who have already purchased their debentures for future tournaments will not be subject to the higher prices as we understand things. New purchases will be priced accordingly.

Be aware that the increase in Wimbledon prices are significant. For example, debentures for No 1 Court for the five years from 2017 will be sold at £31,000 (from £13,700) while prices for Centre Court from now through to the 2020 tournament were set at £50,000 (from £27,500) when debentures were first offered in 2014 (which are now sold out).

Our Wimbledon Prices are Identical to Wimbledon's actual prices

Our purpose for letting you know about price increases is simply to remind our customers that DTB works as a broker on behalf of the All England Club – the club responsible for staging the Wimbledon tournament. Our prices are identical to theirs for tournament debentures. We do not charge extra to arrange our packages in order to make a profit. Rather, we are paid by the tournament organisers for selling hospitality packages as a broker.

Our arrangement with the All England Club is similar to arrangements we have with other venues and event organisers. Us working as a broker is advantageous to you, as the customer, because it gives you access to the best events around at very competitive prices. Unlike other hospitality organisers that may add a premium to package prices, you always get the best possible price by working with us.

In terms of Wimbledon tennis, it is some of the best tennis in the world. The All England Club recognises this and so prices its corporate hospitality packages accordingly. We believe Wimbledon debentures are well worth the price given the venue and event at hand. Furthermore, our clients continually rave about Wimbledon and the corporate hospitality it provides.

If you have been thinking about purchasing debentures for Wimbledon, we encourage you not to wait. They are a hot commodity, despite ongoing price increases. Please consider contacting DTB as soon as possible so we can arrange for your purchase when the next round of debentures is made available. You will not regret your decision to attend Wimbledon as a corporate hospitality guest.

Contact DTB for more information about Wimbledon Prices and their changes.



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