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Ticket Price Shows Corporate Hospitality Works

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Corporate Hospitality Works

Ticket Price Increases Demonstrate Corporate Hospitality Works

Manchester United has announced a ticket price increase for corporate hospitality events beginning next season. The plan is to increase the cost of suites at Old Trafford by 15% in anticipation of participating in the Champions League following successful qualification at the end of last season. Although the price increase may not be welcome news for some, it is proof that corporate hospitality works for its intended purpose. Stay with us and we will explain the business side of this.

Ultimately, supply and demand is the driving force in any financial transaction. Corporate hospitality prices will go up when demand outstrips supply; it will go down when supply is greater than the demand. In the case of Manchester United, the football club knows that there is a high demand for its corporate hospitality suites season after season. They are comfortable raising their prices in the knowledge that corporate clients will receive, in exchange, more opportunities to see world-class football. They also know they are taking a risk if they do not qualify past the Champions League playoff.

Should that happen, corporate clients with suites would still have access to European matches by way of a Europa League playoff. Nevertheless, the club certainly does not want to disappoint their fans, so they will be doing everything to make sure they qualify for the Champions League group stage.

Team officials have been quick to point out that purchasing corporate hospitality packages enables clients to see extra football that standard season-ticket holders are not necessarily entitled to. They say this is yet another reason to raise the prices of their corporate hospitality packages. Clients will continue to purchase the suites because the matches provide the perfect opportunity for hospitality. If they did not, clients would not carry on buying them.


DTB and Manchester United

You will be happy to know that DTB offers a full range of football hospitality packages, including four different suites at Old Trafford. You will also be pleased to know that the price increases announced by Manchester United will be passed along to our clients with no additional fees added. We can do this because we work as a broker for event promoters and venues.

When you purchase your Manchester United football hospitality through us, you get the same price you would get if you purchased directly from the venue. We do not tack on an extra fee as payment for services. Rather, the venue pays us a brokerage fee for handling sales. You get the customer service of an experienced corporate hospitality provider at the same low price you would enjoy if you handled it all yourself.

We are looking forward to another exciting season with Manchester United for 2015-2016. We hope they do well in the Premier League and have a good run in the Champions League. We hope you will join us by taking advantage of our excellent corporate hospitality packages.

Sport is a good platform for corporate hospitality in general, but football has the added appeal of being the most popular sport in the world. It's hard to go wrong when you treat your guests to an exciting football match featuring Manchester United. DTB can make it happen for you, so contact us right away, and let us start talking about next season.


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