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The Varied Role of the Corporate Hospitality Provider

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Hospitality Packages for Ebor

It is not unusual for DTB representatives to attempt to explain our role as a corporate hospitality provider. Curious clients want to know exactly what we do, and they have every right to know as paying customers. The problem for us is that an explanation is not easy to come by. Our role is as varied as the events we offer and the customers we cater to.

If we had to choose one phrase to describe the service a corporate hospitality firm provides, it would be 'looking after clients' as they attend to their own guests. In a broad sense, our role is one of taking care of all those little details so that our clients can give their full attention to those they have invited to share events with them.

In so doing, we enable our clients to forge good working and personal relationships without the distractions of event organisation and supervision.

4 Things A Corporate Hospitality Provider Looks At

In our role of looking after clients, we do a lot of different things:

  • Event Tickets – All our hospitality events include admission tickets. We arrange for and secure all ticket packages based on what venues are offering for their particular events.
  • Food and Beverages – We arrange for food and beverage service at all events where such service is available.
  • Package Extras – When hospitality packages include extras such as commemorative programmes, souvenirs, backstage business, and celebrity appearances, we do whatever is necessary to make sure each of our clients receives everything their package entitles them to.
  • Transportation – When our clients request it, we can arrange for transport to and from scheduled events. When unnecessary, we are still able to recommend transport options that are most convenient for the event in question.

These four things barely scratch the surface of what we do. Still, they give you a good idea of what it means to look after clients. DTB is really a firm that acts as a broker, host, organiser and concierge simultaneously. And that's just for events booked through other venues and promoters. When it comes to bespoke events we create from scratch, we handle everything from the ground up.

Our role as a corporate hospitality provideris an expansive and ever-evolving one. But we wouldn't have it any other way. The entire staff here at DTB love what we do.

Professional Corporate Hospitality Providers

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