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The Red Carpets Origins, Hospitality and Entertainment

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


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How the Red Carpet Became Synonymous with Celebrity

DTB's connections within the hospitality and entertainment industries create ample opportunities for us to offer red carpet events to our clients. For example, picture yourself attending the premiere of a mainstream film and sitting in the same theatre with the actors, producers, director and everyone else involved in creating it. Premieres are usually red carpet events with all the glitz and glamour attached.

Speaking of the red carpet, have you ever wondered how it became synonymous with celebrity? Have you ever wanted to know why glamorous, star-studded events use red carpets instead of blue, purple, or some other colour? Let's look at a bit of history to see what we can discover.

Red Carpets and Ancient Greece

No one really knows the exact origins of the red carpet, but in ancient Greece, such luxurious floor coverings were reserved for heads of state and high-ranking military officials. A play written by Aeschylus in 458 BC, entitled Agamemnon, references the red carpet in a scene where the king after whom the play is named returns home at the conclusion of the Trojan war.

The storyline indicates that the king's unhappy wife arranges for him to arrive to a red carpet in the hope that the gods will punish him with death for daring to walk on it. Indeed, the plot has the king dying shortly after treading the red path.

Greek literature aside, red carpets were reserved only for VIPs because the dye used to make them was extremely expensive. Artwork from Greece, Rome, Asia, Europe, and even the Americas quite frequently associates red carpets with political leaders, especially royalty.

The Transition to Celebrity, Hospitality and Entertainment

Interestingly enough, it was the film houses of mid-20th century – both in the UK and the US – that took the red carpet out of palaces and statehouses and put it among commoners. Theatres were considered the 'palaces of the people' because they were also places for social gathering. When theatres began inviting actors and directors to premieres, it was only natural that they would be greeted with a red carpet befitting cinematic royalty.

Celebrities are still considered royalty in their own right today. So whether it's a film premiere, an awards ceremony, or a gala sporting event, you can expect red carpets to greet VIPs of all kinds. You can also expect DTB to be there if hospitality and entertainment tickets are available.

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