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The Olympic Games Corporate Hospitality

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Hospitality Packages for Athletics

With the start of the summer Olympic Games just weeks away, the excitement in Brazil is every bit as intense as it was in London in 2012. And while the average spectator will be paying attention to the athletes and the quality of the games, we will be studying the corporate hospitality presented in Rio de Janeiro.

World-class sporting events like the Olympic Games are magnets for corporate hospitality for good reason. They bring together politicians, business leaders, celebrities, and other influential people on a world stage for just a short amount of time. How companies like ours take advantage of that stage determines our staying power. Hospitality companies that provide the kinds of opportunities clients want are the ones that continue to grow and expand year after year. Events such as the Olympic Games are a big part of that..

What to Look for in Brazil

Sports hospitality is a huge draw all by itself. That's why DTB was so heavily focused on sports when our company was first established. When you throw something like the Olympic Games into the mix, sports hospitality takes on an entirely new meaning. No other opportunity except for F1 racing has the potential to return the big dividends of the Olympic Games.

We will be watching closely to see how hospitality during the Olympics compares to what was offered two years ago during the FIFA World Cup. We expect some of the biggest industry names that participated in 2014 to return for the Olympic Games. But there will also be new vendors attempting to establish their own reputations this August.

As for clients, their opportunities for making business connections during the Games will be unparalleled. They will have access to some of the most influential people in the world for a solid two weeks. There are going to be a lot of relationships built and life-changing decisions made during that brief period of time. Indeed, some of the decisions made in corporate hospitality tents and suites will have results felt around the world for years.

Olympic Games Corporate Hospitality

If you've never utilised corporate hospitality for your business, we encourage you to consider it. Whether it's the Olympic Games or one of the red carpet events the UK is known for, treating your clients to a world-class event is one of the best ways to build a positive relationship that will last for years.

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Olympic Games Corporate Hospitality

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