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The O2 Arena: A World-Class Venue for World-Class Events

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


O2 Arena Hospitality

We have a number of significant events on the calendar scheduled for the O2 Arena, including concerts by Neil Young, Barry Manilow, and Justin Bieber. DTB is thrilled to be able to work with arena staff on multiple events throughout the year. This is a world-class venue worthy of the world-class entertainment events our clients love to be a part of.

Named after its primary sponsor, the O2 Arena is a rather new offering compared to some of the historic venues DTB is associated with. Development of the arena grew out of a desire among government leaders to somehow make use of the Millennium Dome at the end of its one-year run in 2000. Originally, leaders had hoped to turn the space under the Dome into a mixed-use village of sorts, complete with roads, shops, and offices.

Development of the Dome was turned over to Meridian Delta to be redeveloped as commercial space in 2001. They began construction on the O2 Arena two years later, eventually completing it in 2007. How construction was completed is one of the things that makes the O2 so unique.

O2 Arena Built from the Top Down

Building the arena within the Dome structure made it impossible to bring in the kinds of cranes that would be needed for a traditional ground-up construction project. So engineers came up with a unique solution: they constructed the roof of the arena on the floor and then lifted into place under the Dome. They then build the supporting structure under the dome followed by the exterior walls and an interior with the second largest indoor seating capacity in the UK.

As impressive as the O2 is, it only accounts for about 40% of the total space within the Dome structure. Most of our guests who visit for the first time are completely overwhelmed by the size and scope of the entertainment complex. There is so much to see and experience that it is difficult to take it all in in just one visit.

If you are looking for an exciting hospitality opportunity that will also enable you to see one of the best venues in London, we suggest one of the concerts scheduled at the O2 Arena. DTB can arrange hospitality packages that include great seats and just the kinds of amenities you are looking for to entertain your guests.

Contact DTB for more information about the O2 Arena and Event information.

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