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The French Open

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Picture of the Stade de Roland-Garros

The French Open, or the Roland-Garros as it is sometimes called, is held each year at the Stade de Roland-Garros in Paris. It is one of the major tennis tournaments of the year, taking place at the end of May, beginning of June over two weeks. It is the only one of the four Grand Slams played on clay and is considered to be one of the most physically demanding of all tennis tournaments worldwide.

When it originally started in 1891 it was only French club members that were allowed to take part.In spite of this rule, the first winner was British, H.Briggs, who was a resident of Paris at the time. It was 1925 before it was opened up to international players and had always been played in various different venues, as it did not have a permanent home.

Soon after, the tennis authorities were offered three hectors of land to build a stadium on condition that it was named after the World War 1 pilot, Roland Garros. The French Open moved to Stade de Roland-Garros in 1928 and has been played there ever since. There was talk of moving it elsewhere in 2010 so the tournament could be enlarged, but plans to expand the stadium stopped that happening.

Slower Tennis

Clay courts do not suit all players. They slow the ball down but produce higher bounces than either a grass or hard surface. This can mean that big servers lose some of their advantage, which can make it harder for them to dominate on this type of surface. There are some players who were multiple winners of other tournaments that never managed to win the French Open, among them being Boris Becker, Virginia Wade, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, and Venus Williams. With a first prize in the singles competitions of over 2 million euros, it is no wonder the top players keep trying to win this coveted title.

Hospitality Packages For The French Open

All French Open matches will be shown live in the UK on either ITV or Eurosport.

They both have famous presenters to give commentary and there is no doubt the quality of their coverage will be good. But would you like to see the French Open live? Nothing beats the atmosphere of watching any sport in the stadium, seeing the players up close and having a special day to remember.

The Stade Roland-Garros offers exceptional hospitality that had become the highlight on many corporate calendars’. At DTB Sports and Events we are an agent for the official sale of hospitality packages in the UK for the 2018 event.

This is just one of the special events we can offer. We handle hospitality for other tennis tournaments as well as rugby matches, football games, formula 1, music festivals, and many other events and venues for you to entertain your clients. We also can provide you with team building days, or even bespoke days, just tell us what you are interested in.

If you want to know more about our hospitality packages call and have a chat with us today on 020 7385 3553.

Picture of The French Open Hospitality

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