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The 3 Keys to Successful Corporate Hospitality

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Bespoke Events Company

As an expert in corporate hospitality, DTB has years of experience helping our clients treat their special guests to truly memorable experiences that can be used to build strong business relationships.

We have come to understand that corporate hospitality is an excellent tool with a tremendous amount of value at multiple levels. But we have also learned that how a company uses its opportunities plays a role in how successful corporate hospitality is.

Time and experience have taught us that there are three keys to successful hospitality:

1. Picking the Right Events for Corporate Hospitality

DTB offers a full range of event categories from sports to live entertainment to red carpet affairs. What must be understood is that guests have different preferences. It's important for companies to choose the right events based on the preferences of the guests they plan to invite.

Sometimes this means asking direct questions, other times it involves dropping subtle hints to find out how potential guests will respond. Regardless of how it's done, picking the right events is critical.

2. Treating Guests Well

The point of corporate hospitality is to show your guests how much you appreciate them by treating them well from start to finish. But be careful, this doesn't mean bribing your guests in order to get what you want.

There is a fine line between offering a legitimate corporate hospitality opportunity and using entertainment as an incentive to get your guests to make a certain decision that benefits you.

3. Focusing on Relationship Building

The third and final key to successful corporate hospitality is one of focusing on relationship building.This is about more than just making a sale. It's about making an effort to show your guests that you are interested in them and what you can do for them. It is about taking the time to sit down and talk, learn what makes them tick, and so forth.

An integral part of relationship building is making sure you do not embarrass your guests or make them feel awkward in any way. Treat them like family in terms of meeting their needs; treat them like royalty in terms of the respect you show them.

A successful corporate hospitality event can be a game changer. Here at DTB, we are committed to helping our clients present the best possible events to their guests. Together we can do some amazing things.

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