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Sports Hospitality and the Maturation of the Industry

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Rugby Corporate Hospitality

Every industry evolves and matures over time. It has to be that way. Industries that don't evolve are the same industries that crumble in the wake of the rest of the world moving on. In the corporate hospitality industry, we have seen our own evolution and maturation over the last two decades. It has been amazing to be part of it here at DTB.

When we began as a hospitality and bespoke event broker in 2002, we focused heavily on sports hospitality. Our reasoning was simple: sports hospitality was in the midst of its own micro-evolution that was moving ahead full steam. It made sense to focus on sports if we were going to compete in an industry in which clients rarely settle for anything but the best.

We soon discovered just how popular sports are to corporate hospitality. We also found that as sports hospitality grew, it would take the rest of the industry with it. Corporate hospitality in 2017 owes much of what it is today to the emergence of sports hospitality since the turn of the century.

Teaming Up for Sports Hospitality

The Huffington Post recently reported that the UK sports industry is valued at some £20 billion annually. Sports employs 450,000 people, ranging from athletes to sales associates to the workers who keep the stadiums and arenas running. Supporting all of it requires funding, much of which is now provided through corporate hospitality.

Teams, venues and other sporting organisations started to team up with corporate hospitality companies more than a decade ago to create deals that would be beneficial to everyone involved. As a result, stadiums got bigger, amenities were made more luxurious, corporate sponsorships began underwriting team needs, and the sporting calendar grew ever more crowded.

Corporate hospitality companies like DTB benefited by having more sports hospitality events to offer their clients.

The hospitality industry as a whole also benefited by copying what was being done in the sports realm. In fact, corporate hospitality involving things such as concerts, live theatre, red carpet events and festivals are what they are today because of everything we've learned from sports hospitality.

Our industry has evolved and matured quite a bit since DTB first got involved. We recognise much of that evolution is the directly related to sports. That's why we began with sports and continue to put so much time and effort into it.


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