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Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo: Try Something Different

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Hospitality

DTB is thrilled every time we are given the opportunity to arrange a bespoke corporate hospitality event for one of our clients. Bespoke events enable us to pull out all of the creative stops to come up with something truly unique and memorable. As just one example, consider the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. This unique event makes for great corporate hospitality.

What is a military tattoo? It is not a work of art inked on the arm of a sailor or soldier. Rather, it is a musical and theatrical performance put on by active members of the armed forces. A basic show may be nothing more than a two-hour concert featuring a prominent military band while more elaborate shows might include music, readings, speeches, and even fireworks. DTB recognises the power of the shows to inspire and motivate. We see them as excellent opportunities for corporate hospitality and/or team building.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

There may be no military tattoo in Europe as enjoyable as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Every August the British Armed Forces, Commonwealth and other military bands perform in a series of tattoos that run alongside the annual Edinburgh Festival. Bands prepare for months ahead of time in order to be part of this prestigious event. Also, just as impressive as the bands themselves is the venue: the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle.

The first official Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo took place in 1950. However, the shows had been unofficially going on for decades prior. Attendance at the 1950 event was somewhere in the range of 6,000; seating capacity was increased to 7,700 in 1952. Promoters of the event have not looked back since. Every year the stands are full for each nightly show, bringing in hundreds of thousands throughout the month of August.

The Incredible Success Continues

One might have thought back in the 1950s that the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo would eventually die out along with the passions incited by World War II. That is not what has happened. Instead, event organisers have continued enjoying incredible success across the decades. Today, more than 200,000 people experience the tattoo live, including as many as 70,000 visitors from overseas. The event has sold out in advance for many years.

DTB offers corporate hospitality packages directly through the event promoter and venue. You might consider inquiring with us if you are interested in taking advantage of any of the hospitality boxes that were installed in 2011. The boxes were part of a £16-million renovation designed to increase seating capacity and encourage corporate participation. Tattoo performances occur every weekday evening and twice on Saturdays, throughout the month of August.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a genuinely unique event that celebrates the heritage of the British Armed Forces. Through the years, our armed forces have fought to preserve freedom, peace and the British way of life. You will truly come away with a new appreciation of our military after seeing this show. The tattoo represents more than just an excellent corporate hospitality event; it represents a life-changing evening that profoundly affects everyone who attends.

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