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Planning Hospitality Events around Your Guests

Rebecca Fells

Rebecca Fells


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When a client calls DTB looking for a hospitality package, we make every attempt to understand what the client is hoping to achieve. Yes, we do want to sell event tickets and hospitality packages in order to earn revenues for the business. However, we also want our clients to experience real, tangible rewards as a result of engaging with us.

To that end, we believe it is important for those planning a corporate hospitality event to do so in a way that is specifically tailored to the expected guests. The idea is to create an experience that will leave guests with positive impressions of you, as the host. Planning an event uniquely tailored to them will maximise results.

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Consider the following recommendations:

  • Event Type – DTB offers all sorts of opportunities, from sports to the theatre to annual festivals. We can provide an outstanding football or cricket hospitality package if your guests are sports minded. Nevertheless, we also know sports may not be the right choice for guests.
  • Package Features – Most of the events we offer include several options with a variety of features. How much can you afford? What types of features do you expect your guests would appreciate? We can help you plan the perfect package that covers everything from meals to drinks to transportation.
  • Venues – We work with venues throughout the UK and abroad to offer corporate hospitality packages at exciting locations. You may want to show a particular venue to your guests because of its location or amenities. For example, personal experience may tell you that your guests would love to experience the Gatsby Club at Wimbledon. That same crowd may not appreciate the Boot Room at Liverpool FC.
  • Event Goals – Why are you planning your event? This is an important question that may determine the type of package you purchase. Executive management teams may want to strengthen their skills by engaging with DTB for team building event management. A company sales department might prefer F1 hospitality tickets to impress clients they are hoping will purchase their latest product or service.

F1 hospitality

There are other things to consider in terms of planning hospitality around your guests. These four give you a good starting point in your quest to plan the perfect event. Keep in mind that the idea is to amaze and astound your guests with something that leaves a lasting impression on them.

Why Work With DTB

It is no secret that DTB works on a commission basis directly with venues and event originators. This may leave you wondering why you should work with us when you could just as easily work directly with your chosen venue. Quite simply, DTB is an officially appointed agency for multiple venues throughout the UK and abroad. As such, we also act as a broker capable of giving you many different options for your hospitality event. We are also able to recommend specific events or venues best suited to your guests and your goals.

Planning a corporate hospitality event around guests is an avenue to establishing long-lasting business relationships that will benefit everyone involved. You can plan on your own, or you can utilise an experienced and proven provider such as DTB. Partnering with us will help you achieve the goals you have set for your hospitality event.

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