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Manchester United hospitality packages

Rebecca Fells

Rebecca Fells


134 Years in the Life of Manchester United
Manchester United hospitality packages are one of the most popular corporate entertainment options in the UK. It is not surprising as Man U has 659 million fans around the globe and Old Trafford offers a range of hospitality options to suit UK and foreign fans alike.

Why is it the biggest club in the world?

But why does Manchester United have such a strong following? Is it the marketing and merchandise making being a fan easy? Is it the list of celebrity players they have had on their teams or, the rollercoaster history of a club that has suffered and rejoiced in equal measure over the past 134 years?

It can never be said that the world’s most famous club hasn’t ever suffered. Only two years after joining the club, Sir Robert ‘Bobby’ Charlton narrowly survived the Munich air disaster.  On 6th February 1958, the team were attempting to take off from Munich-Reim Airport when their plane crashed because of the bad weather. That accident claimed the lives of 8 players and 16 supporters and journalists. Bobby Charlton, one of footballs most famous players, only survived because of the heroic acts of his team-mate Harry Gregg.

From humble beginnings

The team came together out of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Depot at Newton Heath and played their first ever recorded match on 20th November 1880. Following this they founded ‘The Combination’, a local league which only survived for one season. But this led to Newton Heath Football Club as it became known, starting the newly formed Football League in the first division, only to be relegated to the second division after two seasons.

The early 1900s saw near disaster for Newton Heath FC, with massive debts and little support, the club was on the verge of winding up. That was until a small group of local businessmen stepped in and saved the day with a huge investment at the time of £500, giving rise to a new age for Manchester United.

Proud of its heritage, Old Trafford hospitality packages such as The Evolution Suite offer an insight into the club's heritage, with views not just of the pitch but the Quays and the area Manchester United grew out of.

Legendary Players

Manchester United has fielded legendary players in its long history. Their first ever league win was 1908, but it was not until the appointment of Matt Busby in 1945 that Manchester United and its players started on the road to legend. The ‘Busby’s Babes’, as they became known, won the league championship twice in a row in the 50s with teams with an average age of 21 and 22 respectively.  These youngsters included players such as Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and George Best, some of the most famous footballers of the century.

George Best can be considered the first ‘celebrity’ footballer, arguably one of the better players for Man U during his 11 years, he was also one of the most controversial. Best was a-fast paced goal scorer, but unfortunately his skills on the pitch were tainted by his drinking, and he left the club under a cloud of developing alcoholism in 1974.

1989 has been described as the darkest period of the game for legendary manager Alex Ferguson, who was facing rumours of dismissal after Man U was defeated by bitter rivals Manchester City. However, goal scorer Mark Robins helped Man U win the League Cup that season and Ferguson’s career was saved; he went to become the longest serving football club manager and multiple award-winner, boasting the record for being Manager of the Year more than any other manager in the history of football.

In the early 1900s Manchester United’s main-stream popularity began a meteoritic rise with Ryan Giggs OBE. ‘Giggsy’ was signed for the 1990-1991 season, and was the first player ever to receive the PFA Young Player of the Year award for two consecutive years. He also took the record for number of appearances from Bobby Charlton, with 759. His career has bolstered success for United for 23years so far, resulting in his most recent accolade, the Golden Foot Award in 2011.

In this decade Wayne Rooney’s incredible skills, including his infamous ‘bicycle kick’, have won him Goal of the Season on 3 occasions. His time off the pitch has also caused get tension and anxiety for the whole of the UK, with his metatarsal injury before the 2008 World Cup. Since then Rooney has gone on to overcome many pitfalls in his career and his problematic personal life. However, most recently David Moyse has said of the striker, ‘He could become one of the club’s real greats’.

Your chance to experience Manchester United hospitality

Whether you are a fan of the game, or of the club itself, Manchester United hospitality packages offer an unrivalled football experience with a chance to meet some of the club’s past players. Our team at DTB are waiting to take your call and arrange for you and your fellow Man United fans to experience this incredible club in all its glory.

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