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Keeping Staff Happy with Hospitality Events

Rebecca Fells

Rebecca Fells


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At DTB, we understand that many of our clients spend a lot of time focusing on keeping their customers happy. They will reach out to their clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the products or services they are receiving and will apportion a budget to wooing potential customers.

However, many businesses fail to do the same for their employees. They simply pay their employees a salary for the job they are doing and neglect to show the same amount of concern for the satisfaction of their staff as they do for their customers. The problem is that many business owners view their staff as replaceable and ‘just a number’. As you can imagine, this sort of attitude does little for staff morale. In addition, employers with this view fail to see the bigger picture – if their staff are not happy, their customers are, ultimately, unlikely to be happy either!

The Importance of Happy Staff

Your staff are the ones who will be dealing with your customers every single day. If they are not satisfied in their workplace, they are unlikely to do their best to make your customers happy. If you are unpleasant to work for, your staff will usually tell their family and friends and this news can spread, having an adverse effect on your business.

Happy staff will be more productive, which will benefit your business. When productivity is high, your business should generate higher profits. Your staff are more likely to be healthier if they are happy and less likely to take sick days, meaning lower costs for the business.

You will have a lower turnover of staff if they are happy. They will be loyal and will want to work for your company. Even if you have the opinion that staff members are replaceable, constantly replacing staff and having to train new staff is an unnecessary drain on company resources.

How to Keep Staff Happy

One of the best ways to keep staff happy and to show that they are appreciated is to reward them with outings to hospitality events. DTB can provide you with access to a host of fantastic sporting and music events around the country that would be perfect for you and your staff. Alternatively, we can help you create a bespoke package to special events where you and your staff can let your hair down.

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