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Chelsea Flower Show Hospitality

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Chelsea Flower Show Hospitality Packages

Interesting Facts About Chelsea Flower Show Hospitality

The annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show is perhaps the most famous flower and gardening show in all of the UK. As always, DTB is thrilled to be able to offer a number of hospitality packages to our customers who make the show an annual event. If you have never attended before, why not make 2016 the year you do so? The Chelsea Flower Show brings together flower and garden experts from all over the world along with amateur gardeners who have a passion for all things green.

To new and returning guests alike, we want to issue a warm welcome. We thought it might be interesting to present you with some interesting facts about the show you may not be aware of. The history of this event is one of the things that makes it so fascinating.

1. The event was not always named the Chelsea Flower Show. The show was known as the RHS Great Spring Show when initially launched in 1862. It was given its new name when the event was moved from Kensington to its current location at the Chelsea General Hospital in 1913.
2. The show has been cancelled numerous times in its history. A general strike caused a cancellation in1926; a cancellation also occurred during the second world war so that the land on which it sat could be used for the war effort. It resumed in 1947.
3. All the displays are temporary. Workers are incredibly busy in the last three weeks leading up to the show, assembling all of the displays from the ground up. Once the show is over, it takes the workers just five days to take everything down.
4. Gnomes used to be banned from the show. Despite gnomes being considered good luck charms among many gardeners, they were banned from the Chelsea Flower Show until just a few years ago.Before approval in 2013, show participants used to sneak them in any way they could.
5. Weather nearly ruined the 1928 show. A severe storm that included damaging hail rained down on the evening before the 1928 opening. Workers scrambled through the night to put things back together and the show opened as planned.

The annual Chelsea Flower Show is a wonderful event that offers great opportunities for hospitality. We hope to see you and your guests at the 2016 occasion from May 24-28.

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Information About the Chelsea Flower Show

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