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How Djokovic Is Making History

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Djokovic at a Tennis Event

Commonly hailed as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Novak Djokovic has been wowing spectators, pundits and fellow players for decades. Following an early start, at just 4 years old, Djokovic has consistently outperformed his opponents. It was following a stunning 2011 season, however, that his status as one of the all-time greats was cemented.

Since then, Djokovic’s success has continued, and he’s got the stats to prove it. 15 Grand Slam titles, 33 ATP Tour Masters 1000 titles, 12 ATP Tour 500 titles, over 250 weeks as the ATP’s no. 1 ranked player, a Davis Cup title, six ITF World Champion titles and an Olympic medal are just a glimpse of the Serbian’s, achievements.

Despite being forced to miss part of the 2017 season due to the injury, and being out in early 2018 due to surgery on his elbow, Djokovic has returned to the court with more zest than ever. Known for his clinical approach to the game, unrelenting determination to win and exceptional talent, Novak Djokovic is a feared opponent on any surface.

With a string of titles to his name, it isn’t just his winning streak which has singled Djokovic out as an all-time great. Not only does he hold 17 all-time tournament records, he is unmatched in 15 of those records. Whether it’s accruing the most number of points as World No. 1, taking seven Australian Open titles or the Elite Title Sweep, Djokovic has all but swept the board when it comes to record-breaking achievements.

History in The Making?

So, what’s left for Novak Djokovic? With a name that’s synonymous with tennis, is there anything left to the Serbian to achieve on the court? Surprisingly, yes.

Amongst a sea of records, titles and triumphs, there are just a few achievements which have remained elusive. Whilst Djokovic has attained a non-calendar year Grand Slam, he hasn’t yet one four Grand Slam titles within one year, and, with Dominic Thiem knocking him out on the semi-finals at Roland Garros this year, 2019 won’t be the year that sees Djokovic secure the calendar Grand Slam A feat only achieved by seven players in history, Djokovic is sure to want to add his name to this select list.

Another record which may he may have his sights set on is the total Grand Slam titles to be held. Currently, Roger Federer remains on top, with a total of 20 Grand Slam titles to his name, closely followed by Rafael Nadal with 18. Whilst Djokovic’s 15 Grand Slams certainly put him up there are one of the all-time tennis greats, he’s still go a way to go if he wants to beat his rivals to the most number of titles held by a male, singles player.

Similarly, it’s Federer and Nadal who are keeping Djokovic from getting close to the record for number of match wins. When assessed in isolation, Djokovic’s number of winning matches, 864, compared to match losses of 181, is mightily impressive. With Jimmy Connors still holding the record for most number of matches won, with 1,274, however, Djokovic has still got to another 410 matches to win if he wants to take the top spot. Currently sitting at eighth, it’s only Federer and Nadal who are ahead of Djokovic and who are still actively playing, so it’s not surprising their on-court rivalry continues.

Indeed, it’s the combination of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic which has seen the past few years cited as the greatest era of tennis in history. With all three men rewriting the history books, one can only imagine what their individual stats would have looked like if they hadn’t had such fierce competition.

For tennis fans, Djokovic’s inimitable contribution to the game has given us hours of nail-betting tension, weeks of anxious anticipation and glorious moments of triumph, and he’s about to do it all over again. Set to take on a whole new set of contenders at the Wimbledon Championships 2019, Djokovic will be defending the Championship title and hoping to add to his tally of Grand Slam wins.

Watch in Style with Tennis Hospitality Packages

Watched by millions around the world, it’s Djokovic’s playing style and utter devotion to the game which makes him so exciting to watch. Having already taken part in the longest ever men’s singles final at both the Australian Open and the US Open, fans might be hoping for another epic performance from the Serbian at this year’s Wimbledon.

Of course, it isn’t just Wimbledon that fans will be thinking about. A regular feature on the tour, Djokovic plays in ATP Masters 1000s and 500s, as well as in a number of exhibitions throughout the year. For fans who want to catch a glimpse of the master in action, tennis hospitality packages provide the ultimate opportunity to do so.

Whether you’re after Centre Court tickets for Wimbledon, front row at next year’s Australian Open, passes to the US Open, a private box at the ATP Finals or French Open tickets, DTB can ensure access to the most exclusive tennis hospitality packages and tickets.

Enabling you to watch Djokovic take on his rivals in sumptuous surroundings, our tennis hospitality tickets can guarantee you the best seats, in the best venues around the world. In addition to this, our wide range of hospitality packages feature a stunning array of extras. From gourmet meals, complimentary drinks and hostess service, to private suites, Q&As with tennis legends and after-parties, you can spend the day relaxing in luxurious surroundings before heading to the courts to see the action.

Providing unique opportunities for corporate sponsorship packages and corporate hospitality venues, we can create bespoke meeting areas and private suites at any of the venues, so you can mix business with pleasure as you network with high-profile guests and impress important clients.

With DTB’s select tennis hospitality packages, you’ll get first-class treatment and direct access to some of the biggest sporting and social events of the season. To find out more or to book tennis hospitality tickets, contact us at DTB now.

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