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Champions League Potential of Corporate Hospitality

Rebecca Fells

Rebecca Fells


Football Corporate Hospitality

Last month, UEFA finally announced plans for ticket allocation for June’s Champions League Final in Berlin. Approximately one-third of the tickets will be allocated to corporate hospitality, event sponsors, and football officials. The remaining two-thirds will be split between neutral fans and the fans of both clubs playing in the final. UEFA was quick to point out that, as in times past, the majority of the tickets will be going to the fans.

Berlin's Olympic Stadium has 70,500 seats to fill for the Champions League Final. One-third of those seats would equal more than 23,600, making it clear that there will be plenty of opportunities for corporate hospitality with the available seats. Allocating so many seats for hospitality and sponsorship purposes demonstrates the potential of corporate hospitality relating to major sporting events. DTB appreciate that potential, as demonstrated by our commitment to football.

We do not currently have any hospitality packages related to the Champions League Final, but we welcome your enquiries nonetheless. In the meantime, we offer football packages involving the following teams:

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Each of the stadiums in which the football clubs play offers numerous hospitality options, ranging from bars to suites. We work directly with each venue to offer our clients the best prices based on standard ticket prices offered to the public. Our football packages offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the world's most popular sport to entertain your clients and vendors.

Football Hospitality Packages

Each of our football hospitality packages has its unique characteristics, depending on the football club and stadium. As a rule, however, packages include unlimited drinks, excellent dining options, official game tickets, ex-pro appearances, and game day programmes and/or memorabilia. Smaller packages are ideal for groups consisting of just a few guests while larger packages can accommodate greater numbers. The Super Box at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, for example, is an excellent hospitality environment offering 24 seats with great views of the pitch.

What makes DTB different from other corporate hospitality providers is our business model. To start with, we work directly with venues and event creators on a commission basis. This enables us to offer our clients the best possible prices on every event. Second, we also act as an unbiased broker capable of connecting you with the right hospitality package for your needs. We are not tied to any single venue, event, or group of sponsors.

Sports hospitality is an important part of doing business in Europe. From football to rugby to tennis, DTB can offer you a number of hospitality packages that meet your specific requirements. Corporate hospitality is important enough to motivate UEFA to allocate thousands of tickets; it should be equally important to your company as well.

Show your customers and vendors how much you appreciate doing business with them by inviting them to be your guests for a football match or other sporting event. Then contact DTB so that we can make it happen.

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