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A Bold Decision For Chelsea FC

Harry Francis

Harry Francis


Chelsea FC Hospitality Packages

Chelsea FC is on track to have an excellent 2017/2018 financial year thanks to an aggressive programme intended to upgrade its facilities and better reach out to fans. So imagine our surprise upon learning that, despite having every motivation to enrich their financial pot even further, Chelsea has done the unthinkable. They have frozen the price of annual hospitality memberships for the upcoming season.

What makes the move even more surprising is the fact that hospitality demand at Stamford Bridge is extremely high. In fact, as a result of the club's investment in building a world-class facility that caters to the hospitality patron's every need, demand has never been higher. In simple terms, everybody wants to be part of what's going on at Stamford Bridge to the extent that it is nearly impossible to get a hospitality membership at this point. Chelsea FC could drastically increase revenues by raising prices, but they have chosen to hold the line. Good for them.

Good For Chelsea FC and Hospitality

As a leading player in football hospitality throughout the UK, we believe Chelsea’s decision to freeze hospitality membership prices for 2017/2018 is a good move for both them and the hospitality sector in general. Allow us to explain this position.

Over the years, there has been plenty of public debate about expanding sporting facilities at the expense of other community assets. The debate is especially contentious when venue expansion plans involve public money that could certainly be used elsewhere. More vocal debate arises when expansion focuses on increasing hospitality opportunities rather than those intended for general admission patrons.

By freezing their hospitality membership prices, Chelsea is demonstrating their commitment to value. They are showing that they want even their hospitality to be available to as many football fans as possible, while still reaping some financial reward for their investment in hospitality. They are looking to make a profit; they are not looking for that profit to be obscene or excessive.

DTB is proud to say we will be partnering with Chelsea FC and Stamford Bridge to offer excellent hospitality packages for next season. We have four levels of hospitality: the Tambling's Suite, the Zola Suite, 55 Restaurant, and The Centenary Club at Chelsea. Please contact us for more information about ticket pricing and package details.


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